The nuptials of Bill and Anna or Royce4 + 1: Part 3

Guest blogger Cindy concludes her charming account of the Royce4 and MFB conjugal.

Sometimes the time went swiftly and other moments dragged on. But then suddenly it was time to take the MFB from hiding to her place of prominence. When it was time to get ready to greet her, I saw the Groom nearly jog to his place and look steadfastly ahead. It is hard to describe an honest look of joy so deep it touches the soul. The aisle walk was only a moment, but a lifetime of emotion flooded through the room. I was so proud of the Groom in that moment has he received the hand of his MFB.

The ceremony was like any other and like no other. There were vows and rings, but also there was such wonderful music! And the Groom and his MFB took the stage to play together---their voices so uniquely matched as if designed as such---and their looks toward each other like Johnny Cash and his June. Not a dry eye in the house then. The Groom and his MFB said their vows with such confidence! And in true form of this Groom, there was a theatrical object lesson as part of the rite. Three ropes forming into one to represent a lasting covenant. For two people who honestly value commitment and love their God wholeheartedly, there was no better tribute.

Soon---a kiss, a cheer, a specially decorated car, some photos and off to the festivities! The crowd went wild when the couple strolled in and off went the cowbells oh so frequently. But alas, weddings are for kissing. And food and cake and dancing! The food was very impressive and the cake, like the couple, so uniquely wonderful. The DJ to beat all DJs entertained the kids and the grownups alike. It was quite joyous to see the Groom and his MFB cut a rug with the group. Sometimes I don’t know that they realized other people were there. At one point I thought I saw a glimpse of their future.

The night wrapped up as quickly as it began. I cried more seeing them go out the door to live their lives (after one last ring of the cowbell!) than I did all of the weekend before. But my dear friends and those close to the Groom and his MFB helped me stay focused on the task at hand. And just like I gave my word to the MFB, we stayed until the last twinkle light came down and I loaded pork chops and glass jars into the cars belonging to those Nordic farm-raised brothers.

To my best friend the Groom and to his most beautiful bride and my oft missed roommate his MFB, I love you more than you could know. Thank you for allowing me such a high honor of witnessing your nuptials from such a close vantage point. I rejoice with you!


Anonymous said…
A beautiful account of the day.

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