The things you find

I was doing a little identity scouring on the web to ensure most of my real persona is obscured or at the very least knotted in a tight codified layer of mystery and came across this cryptic blog post from nearly 4 years ago. It would seem to be directed at me but what it really says I have yet to decipher.
Nonetheless, I know the author. Some would say such a post would have been written under the influence of intoxicating beverages, but I know better. I worked with this fellow. We were programmers er a decade ago. He still is to some extent.
I moved on. He moved and moved and came back. I believe he studied in Europe, got some kind of advanced degree in philosophy or theology, then returned to the states.
Some of the greatest moments with this chap included some arcane comedic conversations.
They were usually in the form of a dictated letter such as:

Dear Mr. L___,
It has come to my attention that your latest piece of code has been well received. Under code directive 476 of the international standard of computational rewards it is my responsibility to inform you of a splendid opportunity to enjoin your code with the cohort of standard programmers worldwide. I am awaiting your immediate response.
         Yours very truly,
This would go on and on.
Then one night we hit comedic gold- an impromptu routine about heaven.
The gist of the dialogue involved a man arriving in heaven and discovering he was the only one there, along with an angel of course. He asks to see his mansion but is told it is still under construction. He asks to see the Book of Life but finds it has been sent out to be rebound. He asks if there are animals here and hears the story of when there were animals but they were troublesome so God sent them through trap door to be rid of them. The man then asks to see God only to be told God is vacationing in the outer rim galaxies and won't be back for light years.
I was really funny but definitely heretical- that's probably why it was funny.


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