Star Wars reworded

Long ago and far away, a time of mutual dismay
Some battle station plans got parlayed
You'd like to know more, I daresay.

Pursued by evil men. the plucky gal did flee
Hoping to bring peace, at last, to the galaxy
If Ted Geisel, aka Dr Seuss, wrote the Star Wars saga, it would have begun like that. He would have had to pay me for it as I just wrote it, but my rates are reasonable. And of course it would have been animated and Ralph McQuarrie would be a lowly Hollywood draftsman. But alas, this did not happen. However, someone named Watson, and no not that smart computer, decided to meme Stars Wars with the world of Seuss. You can find it here. It would be funny, too, if Bill Murray wrote Star Wars.
Not into Dr. Seuss? Well you can enjoy Star Wars: The Musical in Cocoa Beach Florida this week. The original creation, in that it was written not by Lucas but by students, will feature parody songs. The idea of Star Wars: The Musical has been an idea I've had since college. Since before many of the students were born. I doubt a lawsuit will be in store since Lucas might have something to say.
A little research digs up another Star Wars: The Musical which is over 10 years old and resides on the internet. It is sort of like an opera in the style of Andrew Llyod Weber. It's not that bad, maybe a little cheesy, but well down orchestrations. Take a listen to one song, Do You Speak Bocce? and you'll probably agree.
One Season More is pretty interesting musical concept of Star Wars by the same guys.


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