Ugly Adverts just keep on coming

 Online ad strategy seems to be shifting a wee bit as Ugly is being superceded by bizzarre or 2nd look type images. Yet they are hawking lots of the same junk: mortgages and education and dark secrets to lose weight. Newer entries into the market have been for sleep disorders.
Out first today on the left still keeps a smidge on the ugly side but certainly is pushing for bizzare. She appears more like a hot alien from Star Trek or other Sci-Fi franchise that the commanding officer would woo only to fall prey to her evil plans. I think she would like the mortage for the whole earth and not just a piece of real estate in Lake County, Illinois.

Our 2nd entry just doesn't get any respect, mostly due to the fact they use a Rodney Dangerfield impersonator and photoshop the eyes. It is certain to make you click away to the nether regions of the internets to fall asleep. I think Rodney is sleeping well.

Now we get to the 1 weird trick/tip variety. Here again the agency is employing another Sci-Fi cast-off to hawk the mysterious snake oil theory that removes 20 yrs of wrinkles.

We've got a bonus one here. I am sure your eyes will probably gravitate toward the female shaving. But mine first hit the Mortage Rates girl- not ugly by any standard. She actually looks strikingly like somebody at my workplace. Perhaps she is moonlighting by being a soho model. You don't see this ad much anymore.
As for lady shaving face, that's pretty odd for our eyes these days. However it is a recycled plot from an old shaver commercial from the 70s. But I can't seem to find it on YouTube.


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