Of Christmas 2009

Well it has finally arrived- Christmas 2009. It's been a busy run up for myself with the Radio Show fitted in with a talent show for work. I was just able to fit in a little caroling on Sunday which was a highlight for the season. I had not sung in chorus for years. As I have written before I especially enjoy the music of Christmas. I was the only male voice so I had a lot riding on my blending and harmonization. We did good.
As I have pondered this holiday, I realize it tends to be about remembering. Remembering Christmases past and stuff. And even if the holiday was co-opted from previous celebrations at the start of winter, it certainly does fit the imagery of the old story. Yet, the imagery has certainly taken the driving wheel in this day so much so that it's lights, feasts, Santas, trees, gifts, and holly. The sacred has been watered down to be more pallible to those who consciously or unconsciously rather not remember the birth of Jesus. It can be a rare sight these days to see a manager scene in a home although they still exist.

Nonetheless, I am not bemoaning the secularization of this holiday. I have met many of those types and I find their protests justified but their attitudes sour and sometimes bitter. Anyways, Jason Boyett wrote a decent article about it in the November/December Relevant Magazine.
I recognize the Lord at this time (and others too.) If the rest of the world wants to pay homage at Christmas or rant and rave how we really are not, fine with me. Free will allows it. But I find it even better if the Lord is honored year round.
A piece of advice I got from a friend this year about gift giving- when giving clothing give a size smaller, and when you are unsure of what to give then give something that will be memorable. I think this might be concerning spouses or girlfriends. So a size too small leopard print Snuggie could possibly be appropriate. This untested hypothesis is sure to make memories.

That's all for now. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
(Note the festive sweater I picked up at the dollar store in the picture above. It's sure to make it to your festive event during the next 12 days of Christmas. I'd even gladly write a Christmas song for the event. I might write a separate article featuring it.)
This is also the record breaking 133rd post of 2009. Most posts in a year. I feel like Babe Ruth and not those other guys.


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