Enter winter

Most of us knew this could not go on for ever. Winter needed to make an appearance.
December 1- No snow. Rather warm with some NW winds foreshadowing the next days' events.
The winter bikes were ready and I just got winter bike #1 a major overhaul.

Riding home on the 2nd of December would be the last day in 2009 the C-200 would be out. It was pretty crazy on the ride home. Dakotans did the typical thing in snow storms- they avoid the main roads and take side streeets. Never ceases to amaze me how the traffic jams on these days are within residence neighborhoods and not on Main or University or 25th.
I brought out the m-200 (snow bike #2) to take on the snow since I want to put a pannier rack on #1.
It is really unusual to think just a few weeks ago I was out running in shorts. The mild November afforded many such runs. However, running in the cold especially just after a light snow is very scenic. Especially when going through bike under the light in the snowneighborhoods decked out with lights. With the temperature drop you also need to layer more so perspiration builds up differently.
I was out in Otter Tail County this weekend. And yes, they have winter there too. In fact the lake I was near had just begun to freeze over.
I caught a wonderful sunset reflecting off the fresh coming home this evening. I also saw Brett Winkelman's father just back from Italy- but that could be another story altogether.


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