A new year is upon us

Goodbye 2009 with all its problems and recession or depression.
So long to all its murky moments and deaths
Obama-rama thriller killer seeker flooded tiger cheater balloon boy hoaxionage bailout fallout health care messes economic recesses
Farewell aughts, we've been good friends mostly
Now the twenty-teen days are fast upon
In with the retro and out with the new- I don't know which to eschew
Let's go back to those much better days
When we knew there would be- well, better days

With that Royce Files say "Adeiu" to 2009 but not before I make rememberance of the wall of snow which plagued my return. At left you see the neighboring garage but it looks similar yet mine was a bit higher by right of exaggeration.

Highlights of 2009 as the Royce Files saw it-
The Great Flood had the most attention for the year and help propel the blog to historic entry levels after a slow start to the year. Not much Obama coverage. Others could do much better at praising or smirking at the U.S. Prez.
NDSU Men's Basketball took their team to the big show as Fargo flooded. They did not break round 1 but Ben Woodside scored a bunch in the games against Kansas. I almost got to shake the guy's hand thanks to Segue. Instead, I was in a picture with Bret Winkelman.
As water receded yet another Fargo marathon was run. This one seemed at bit different. At little more workmanlike rather than fun. It will be known for its double loop course. Still it was a great event.
My film-making activities increased a lot this year with the feature Mary Weatherby filmed earlier in the year and another appearance in the 48-Hour Film Project. I post numerous shorts to YouTube in 2009 which you can link to on the sidebar.
In summer we had the car show, the Tour de Valli, and the yet unwritten Boundary Waters adventure. And again summer was topped off by a visit to the Minnesota State Fair.
Fall approached and I was working on ALPHA, filming 15 seconds of Star Wars and getting an early start on the Christmas Radio Program.
2009 introduced blog readers to some new features- Art of the Deal, Signs of Beer, and the special Dastardly Disguises. All will hope to return in 2010.
What's in store for 2010?

Well, an eagerly awaited World Cup in June. Finishing my first feature- "Glory Rolled." Recording and making a video my song "Lonely (but only in Minnesota.)" I might attempt to write a few more songs and of course record a few more shorts for the web.


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