Dylan does Xmas and so do I

It's probably pretty old news by now- Dylan has released a Christmas album entitled Christmas In the Heart. I went over to Amazon to listen to a few clips and read some of the reviews of it. It seems to get kind of a luke-warm reception. Either you love it or you think it's less than optimal Bob Dylan. Not being a Dylan-phob, I had nothing to compare to in my mind despite having beeb strangely influenced by his style yet never owning not listening to any of his music [rambling sentence]. Ok, I did hear the ones played on the oldies stations (Everybody Let's Get Stoned, Raining Day Woman?).

Coming from a nearly unbiased view I think the album is sort of nostaglia covered with Bob Dylan vocals. The album takes a traditional approach with most of the songs. However, Dylan's distinctive voice attempting to do standards comes off as awkward. It reminds me of a cross between Louis Armstrong and Tom Waits. James agrees when I reached him for comment in the hall. "He's good at what he does." James continued. That being the poetic chiseling of rambling stories into song. No Dylan penned songs on this release.

That's not to say it's all awkward or unoriginal. Some of the good cuts sort of go a la western swing. The following tracks are highlights: The Christmas Blues, Must be Santa, The First Noel, Christmas Island.

Speaking of music, I'll be playing one of my songs this week at the company Christmas shindig. I was re-writing it a bit last night to give it a bit of a love lost feel.
In the meantime you can hear me sing A White and Blue Christmas on the Rinzo Radio Show here. It was recorded this weekend before a live audience. I also sing Silent Night with the group Abra.


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