Music and (X)mas

It's a musical time of year. I find it amazing how radio stations find enough Christmas music to keep up their 24 hour play lists. Much of it is tripe: mere filling for what apparently society originally sought to celebrate. Yeah, snow and Santa, gifts and more snow and then add a bit of nostalgia on top. There, you've got probably and unscientific 75% of the current cannon of Christmas songs. Heck, I'm evening re-writing one with snow and blizzards in it. I think I'll add some Christmas cheer to the mix and viola and new classic. Here, I'll make a new lyric up:

It's snowing and the gifts keep coming
Santa has been good to me
Snowing gifts like Christmas in 1953
I think I must be dreaming
Of a pleasant time next to my Christmas tree

I am mostly a fan of the older music- the carols and hymns that have seen many generations. If there is a choir singing, I probably like it. I did 2 seasons of concert choir in college and the carol concerts were a great experience. Sometimes we sang in Latin. Now that is high culture!

I do enjoy a few 20th century classics but abhor the Rudolph and Rockin' Around tunes. I do like this CD even if it does have some silly tunes. It's fun and yet reverent. I should probably update by Christmas playlist on the Zune.

Well for those looking for some free Christmas music to make yourself merry check out Amazon's 25 Days of Christmas downloads for free MP3s of holiday tunes. Then check out the Feels Like Christmas website for more free Christmas music. Be sure to check out Lord Wheaterby's Santa Claus is Freaking Me Out- a corn infused diatribe that some of my friends may desire to listen.


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