2009 Christmas Show: It's Christmas and who carols?

It's nearly here. Just a few more hours. And for me a few more stressful hours.

2009 Christmas Show
It's Christmas and who carols?
12th December 2009, 7PM
608 Main Ave

Fargo, ND

Just a few steps from the corner of Main and Broadway.

It's a Christmas themed entertainment in the form of a live radio show with music and some audience participation. Plus, did I mention that people have said it's hilarious in past years. And I assure you it is still outrageously funny. And it's
If your in the area you don't want to miss this uproarious evening (mostly because it won't be on the radio.)

I've put a tremendous amount of work into the show as have my co-producers and the cast and musicians. Again you won't want to miss out.
There will be refreshments following the show.


Mark said…
you go Liam! Break a few legs tomorrow! Have a blast.

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