Tour de Valli : Stage 2 - the route

This year the tour's goal was to head West. Some may have suspected Medora to be the grand terminus but alas it ended up being someplace else.
From the start, finding a western route was difficult. Outside the metropolis, paved roads heading west were rare or took one too far north or south to be of any value on a 5 day tour. With numerous maps I pored over possible routes.
The Interstate was out of the question although bikes are allowed on the shoulder. To me that would be boring. Eventually I found a route that took me through Mapleton to Casselton and unto Valley City and then to Jamestown.
I printed some reference maps and packed my Nuvi.
July 15- Added the map and now realize I could have called the tour "The Hammer" but refrained from wearing the baggy pants.


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