16 July 2009

Music in the Downtown

I saw this group playing old time music in downtown last week. It was really cool. You might never see this a the street fair which disappoints me. The guardians of the street fair would whisk them away. A shame, especially if they had purchased the appropriate license.
Although the street fair is a popular even and draws many to downtown, I have found it rather pedestrian and banal in recent years. Probably from what I stated above. Tents on the street with wares just reminds me of outdoor mall. Something should make this event stand out more.
Last year they added some street performers - jugglers I think. A step in right direction.
My idea would be for multiple venues for performance up Broadway. Look for community involvement to create these "mini-worlds" much like Fargo residents do for the rest stations in the marathon. That would give it some class.

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