Street Fair 2009

Before I left for the summer home, I helped out at the street with some kids crafts and face painting.
Unfortunately, we were not on the main thoroughfare, which you can see in the picture, but down the street and around the corner.
Still, we had a good number of participants stop in, get a face painted, do a craft, have a refreshment, and view some art from our collection.
I'm not really a big fan of the street fair but definitely like the fact that it draw people downtown. The street fair is typical cookie cutter year in and year out. I guess it makes it easier to plan and execute. I think I mentioned in another post what I would do to "liven up" street fair. I think there needs to be some aspect where people anticipate what's new this year. But then again I may not be the street fair demographic- which I think is mostly female, married, and older. Perhaps this demographic thrives on stability.
Feel free to chime in any ideas you'd like to see implemented at the street fair. Canine fashion show? Gourmet food demonstrations? Celebrity appearances? Games?


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