22 July 2009

Art of the bargain 6

This one is a bit out of order but I decided to leapfrog the others to get this fantastic deal out there.
I shop thrift stores a lot. I think its a genetically acquired trait. There are quite a few in the Go. I found this deal (practically a steal) at a shop that was under my for years. St. Vincent de Paul's shop is off the beaten path in a light industrial section of town near my domicile.
As I child growing up in the city of St. Paul, my mother would shop a St. Vincent's store on 7th, a block from a former family residence. I remember it being a bit creepy. I seem to recall a life size statue of Vincent in the store someplace. Another thrift shop just a few steps from the old house was Worn a Bit. It too was creepy. However, I remember mom getting better deals there. Worn a Bit is long gone but St. Vincent's is still there.
But here's what I got for only a buck. A Descente cycling jersey normally worth about $65.
It was misplaced in the children's section. I knew what it was so I happily snatched it up minutes before closing. I wore it yesterday while cycling on the Paul Bunyan Trail.
More deals next time.

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