Curse of the Ugly Online Ad

 They are back at it again. The ad men (and gals) are using redirection to grab your attention. It must be the greatest discovery made in all online advertising- make it ugly or weird or outlandish and you will get clicks. Since I know their game I refuse to give him the satisfaction of getting a few cents more for a click.
But let's dig into our set for today. The one on our left I call "surprised by the mortgage." It is an animated one but I captured the terror of model at the height of mortgage discover. Quite a few online ads are using the animation/vid style but mostly the rocking head guys or the gal running. But this one rocks. After a few cycles through, you too could be haunted by low mortgage rates.

 Ever since the Simpsonize me app came out years ago- must be 3- a ton of clones followed with terrorizing results. Well, they need to advertise too. Remember the economy is hard on us all- even in the cartoonizing apps market. This sample from an app that makes you a bit realistic but with an ironic twist.
Here the fellow was duped into thinking this was him in cartoon form. Well they got the mouth right, but that's about it. He nearly looks like a she except for the ant and coffee grounds beard they give him and the slivery eyes. I would guess in the a full length cartoon this guy just got ants and coffee grounds thrown at him. Also I could very easily adapt the cartoon so that he would be able join the cast of Marc Brown's Arthur. I hope this guy didn't pay an arm and a leg for this.
 Be afraid. Be very afraid!
This is possibly the most scary ad I've seen since the dumb teeth guy.
I can hardly stand to look at this freaky thing. Is it staged? Is this for real? Is this from an episode of Star Trek?
And finally, bodybuidling tatooed women can secure a $434 mortgage and so can you. This one is another strange one that grabs you and puts you in a headlock and then you awake and wonder why you signed up to get a mortgage- you don't have any money. Must have been that dame with the tatooed biceps at Dempsey's that bought a round of Molson and Canadian Club chasers for the boys.


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