The feast of St. Patrick

He allegedly drove the snakes out of Ireland. He taught a lesson on the tri-unity of God using a clover. He defied the High King of Tara. He sat atop of a mountain in County Mayo and prayed for 40 days for the Irish. He won the adoration of the entirety of Ireland despite not being Irish himself. Numerous wells, geological features, churches and towns the world over are named for him. Not bad for a religious fellow who lived over a millennium ago.

And today we usually use it the possible day of his death to drink and parade and celebrate all things Irish. And let us not forget- wear green.
The parading started with Irish immigrants to America and only recently was added to the mostly religious activities of the day in Ireland.
The parade in town was pretty short. So short that I missed it. I got there almost 1/2 hour after the start and alas, the last float went by and it was done. It was rather chilly that day so I suspect a hasty parade was made.
I did not make it to the Celtic Fair this year. I just did not have the time and I only stopped by for 1 hour last year. It was pretty much the same stuff. A little Irish music, Irish step dancing, a few crafts, and a handful of lectures I always seem to miss. They also have mostly Irish food- corn beef, Irish stew, soda bread.
This year I will not have a celebration at the domicile. Instead, our very own beer correspondent, Phil, will be hosting a spread at his new place.
And speaking of Ireland- why not remember to pray for it today. The island is going through some difficult times economically. Here's a sample prayer card.
Have a great day. Slan.


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