Revenge of Ugly Online Adverts

 Here we go again. Just when you thought the economy was back on track and ad agencies would be hiring the better looking clients, they release these mugs upon the public. I found these all on, where I suspect most web traffic goes after they update their status.
First, at the top left, we have ugly zombie tooth visor man. Well, he forgot to put on his zombie but could be mistaken as a hillbilly. The ad actually references the images next to it. This is a first. Of course it is a derogatory statement that assumes the ugly zombie tooth visor man is dumb as a bag of rocks, zombie rocks. Surprisingly he looks like a high school classmate of mine named Kevin. He might be a composite of all the Kevins I knew.
Our next model appears to have come from a recent production of Rip Van Wrinkle at the Minneapolis Children's Theater. Either he has lazy eye or just got up on the wrong side of the bed. Of course I would if I needed to do 3 shows a day to unappreciative brats. With this gig all he needed to do was show up and get photographed. He must have image marketing rights. This ad also features an annoying moving pen. Moving parts were much more common a few years ago.

Old cowboy is somewhat respectable. He looks distinguishable but almost too much. He is no Lorne Green.  The nose is what over does it. Also he almost looks like he is blind. He may have strolled over after finishing another Lonesome Dove made for TV movie.


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