Par Ki Revisted- chapter 1

I had the distinction of attending Park High in my fledgling days. And it was one of those schools people would mistaken for the half dozen or so other schools which had a Park in its name: Como Park, Champlin Park, Spring Lake Park, Brooklyn Park, Park Center, Highland Park, Park Rapids. And let us not forget Darth Maul- Ray Park. But that was later. My Park was in the south east suburbs- a kind of forgotten collection of bedroom communities which is now home to 4 high schools since East-Ridge was added recently. Well back in the day it was just Park and Woodbury and that private high school and Hastings if you want to stretch it. Now these burgs usually get overshadowed by their southern neighbors Eagan and Apple Valley and Lakeville. But back in the day we held our own.
There is so little about Park history out there on the web I thought I'd add what I recollect (and discover) from those days when Park was still the Indians. Park had been the Indians since the beginning- which I think might have been nearly a hundred years ago. In those days it was St. Paul Park Senior High School- an even more confusing name because it was not even in St. Paul but St. Paul PARK- just down the road from its namesake. In the mid 1960s, the school moved into its current digs in Cottage Grove. As memory serves I believe they were the Indians because of the the group of Navtive Americans (politically correct here) that lived in the vicinity of the school at Grey Cloud Island. In fall of 1993 the school nickname became the Wolfpack.
I hope to add little artifacts I have laying around but it really is not a priority.  But here's one I took from the the 93 yearbook.
The yearbook had been sliding into some disarray for some time but 93 was a real formatting and layout nightmare. You can't judge a book by its cover but the cover to this annual was purple and hot pink.
Still it had its subtle moments of pizazz.
Here we have comments from 2 students on their plans for spring break.
Mindy really had high expectations when her and her carload of friends decided that North Dakota was an ideal spring break location. I'm not sure she brought home many photos.
On the other hand, Joe sneaks in this comedy gold mine about his chores. I have been told a few years later his house would burn down. Today, Joe could probably kick your ass since he is a seasoned tri-athlete.


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