Sandbag it

 I spent part of Wednesday last week making sandbags in preparation for flood season. It appears we are in for another major flood by all forecasts.
Sandbag central was bustling. Mostly full of the younger folks but there were some older ones there too.
Operations were in full swing. It looked as if there were about 4 spider devices running.
I jumped right in and it all came back to me- how to get the bag open and quickly get it under the chute to get the sand. It was a real fun atmosphere. They gave incoming volunteers Hawaiian lais and stickers if they so wished to wear them. Organization was spit spot.
My friends and I were only there for a little over an hour then the operations stopped for the evening. Approximately 115K sandbags were made. Just a few hundred thousand more until they reach 2 million total. There was a record volunteer turnout the day before.
I was hoping to do more on Friday or the weekend, but sandbagging seemed to be meeting their goals and they closed operations early on Friday and suspended them until today, Monday. And I had time to volunteer on Saturday.
Here below we have some artifacts of sorts. My friend found these item in her coat pocket. A coat which she only used to sandbag back in 2009! Notice in particular the cheese. Still virtually intact. But I wouldn't eat it.


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