Water, the source

This year I will be participating in Blog Action Day. Topic of concern this year: water.
It is actually something I care about since I drink a lot of it and use it for recreation. Most of my blogging on water has been about flooding but I am not sure how to work that into this blog action day. I guess flooding has potential to contaminate clean water supplies.
Water is one of those essentials for having a healthy life and sadly many places around the globe don't have access to clean water.
Samaritan's Purse helps provide clean water to many communities.
But I'll write more about this and have photos for water.
The photo today is from the Sheyenne Grasslands at a windmill that pumps water into the large trough. Numerous troughs are located in the grasslands as it is a rather dry area. The water must be filtered or treated for human consumption. The cattle just drink it as it is. The Sheyenne River runs through the western part of the grasslands.


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