Eble, a painter of St. Croix River watersheds

This water related story comes out of my alma mater, UMM.
Michael Eble, an UMM studio art professor, got to spend some time alone in a cabin along the St. Croix River this August. He was awarded the Artist at Pine Needles residency. So for three weeks he resided in a rustic cabin thanks to the St. Croix Watershed Research Station.
His task: create a project related to the environment.
The result: a series of 8 abstract paintings of the St. Croix watershed region.

Eble has previously painted aerial landscapes of coastal Louisiana which highlighted coastal erosion.

So what's the take away on this water related issue? I believe it is awareness and specifically awareness how interconnected the watershed is with the land. Artist representation aids in making the citizenry aware.

The St. Croix River watershed cover portions of Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin including such towns as Stillwater, Hinckley, Cable, Spooner, Hayward, New Richmond, Hudson, River Falls. The river is designated a Wild and Scenic River.

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