I usually cover floods and parades but yesterday evening I saw something else.
Great billows of smoke rising to the heavens could be seen miles away.
I just got done with work and was intending to go that all purpose store, Fleet Farm. The thick black smoke was coming from the direction of the store.
"This should be interesting." I thought, "Perhaps Fleet Farm is burning."
 The smoke billowed against the sunset making for an excitingly eerie photo. Couldn't you imagine four horsemen galloping out of that malstrom.

I got to Fleet Farm and could see the source of the conflaggeration more clearly. It looked to be approximately a half mile west of the store. I could tell it was an apartment complex from the roof which was engulfed in flames- flames which I could see clearly from by vantage point. You can just barely make them out in the image.
A media report:


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