It rises, the water which floods


Johnny Cash once again sings for Blog Action Day 2010. 
And here we  talk about floods. I've lived through a few. Nashville flooded too. I blogged that. 
In this case water proves to be the threaten-er. People and property are harmed by rising waters. There were no flood fatalities in Fargo with caveat that 2 people died due to exertion during flood prevention. Millions in damage was accounted.
Flash floods appear to be killing more people that tornadoes as of late. Urbanization appears to be one of the culprits as water run-off has no place to pool up but on roads and in neighborhoods.
Floods also have the potential to contaminate water sources as run-off cannot be controlled as easily in a flood situation. Sewage systems could be overloaded and intermingle with water sources. 
Long term flooding in the Devil's Lake basin of North Dakota has been hotly debated. Even Canada is concerned because a potential outlet would send water into the Red River Basin and potentially create some environmental issues. I biked through the area this summer. Many roads were closed due to flooding. But the area is still popular with vacationers.


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