Yet even more oddball online adverts

More commentary on online ads that seem to be on every website. You can't use the internets for any amount of time and not come across these ads.
Our first ad at the left has been around for a while. The moving hamster image must be a huge draw to homeowners. Not sure "9/10" means anything to readers. Most likely it is to suggest that 9 out of 10 homeowners fail etc. Not very effective program apparently. I suppose the organization who put this one out thought "Hey, nobody is using the government's program let's try and draw them to our services with a hamster like animal?" To which his or her superiors responded- "Brilliant!" They then all clanked bottles of PBR together and texted the intern to make a viral video of a hamster. I think the intern then probably just looked for a copy of screensaver which makes it appear you have a hamster in the monitor and captured the video.

Our next advert uses a man again but this time breaks the traditions set by previous ads with men. This man has no beard! I call this the surprised man with suggested mustache ad. He actually looks like a relative of a pastor I know. Why this man is so surprised I am unsure. Ads like these are just commonplace. Who wouldn't know that mortage rates have fallen out of the bottom? This ad also tries to persuade us using that magic word- Obama. I am waiting for a Super Bowl ad to use that magic word. It seems KIA is resorting to some squeezable mascots.


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