The last Olympic night ends under the silver moon

The U.S. tried and tried but the mad hockey nation of the great white north upended our dreams to take home the gold medal in men's ice hockey. Thankfully that team didn't come out and smoke cigars and drink alcohol after they received their medals. And I might add theie national anthem is actually quite good.
In honor of the victory, I give you this Canandian catchet of an Ice Hockey stamp which was released prior to the last year that Canada hosted the games (Calgary). I was near those grounds in 2001. In fact I was just a stones throw from the downhill skiing area when I heard rumors about 9-11. I was camping at a KOA adjacent to the facility. It really was surreal.
Anyways, congrats Canada on getting a bunch of gold to add to your GDP. That gold should stimulate your economy quite a bit.


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