On the Winter Games in Vancouver

I suppose it is a bit late to write about the winter olympic- they are nearly over -- but the olympics and noteably the winter version has some significance in my life. When my grandmother died at our Ironwood home, I remember watching the 1988 winter games in Calgary that evening. Then in 2002, when on furlough from the Go, I was back at Lehigh with my mother watching the Salt Lake City games. I remember purchasing one of those Roots beret that the US Team wore at the opening and closing ceremonies for my mother's birthday. That was the longest amount of time I spent with my mother prior to her death about a year and a half later.
Anyways, I have watched a little of the Vancouver games thus far. I viewed the opening ceremonies on playback at my girlfriend's family's home. Unfortunately we never did get to see the torch lit due to technical difficulties in Vancouver so the ceremonies over ran their predetermined scheduled time. Oh well.
I did see some short track speed skating, cross country skiing, and the mysterious biathlon.
Today I viewed a portion of men's hockey United States versus Switzerland. The Swiss were a feisty team. After the 1st period it appeared the Swiss had control of the game. Then in the 3rd period somewhat local guy, Zach Parise, puts a few in the back of the net.  Game over.
Olympic stamps are pretty cool. I dug through my collection to find a few this morning that were for the Winter Olympics. Hungary seems to put out quite a few stamps. Those are the ones with Magyar Posta on them. Not sure why Mongolia put out a stamp for ice hockey- but hey its the Olympic spirit that counts right. There is a great story about Mongolia and the winter olympics I should relate later.
One of my life goals would be to go to the Olympics, especially as a volunteer. Not sure how possible that goal is now. Maybe London with DJ Segue.


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