Retro Times: Coolness

New feature I am launching- Retro Times.
Now imagine the "Good Times" theme playing and J.J. saying "Dyn-o-mite." Let's take a trip back to the dyn-o-mite times of the 1970s. A time when style was on a collision course and people wore cool threads. Those threads more than likely were made of corduroy or polyester.

Well, here we have clip from an cigarette advert from Jet magazine. This appears to be the epitome of cool. In fact it is so cool that I think it had made a comeback as of late - the clothing, not the smoking. If this doesn't suggest that you look cool smoking while sporting a chain with your hand on your hip- then cool has left the building and is making its way to the bottom of the ocean. This picture certainly has a tale to tell.  


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