09 February 2010

The second best form of flattery: imitation

The first of course is cash in an envelope slid under the door. But I am not alone in giving some critique to the ugly odd online ads.
Looks like former Fargoan and blogger J. Lileks has caught on to the oddities of some of the online ads I have been providing commentary. His work is found here towards the bottom.
J. catches onto 3 I have blogged and also opens another can of worms in online ads- those marketed to the male demographic. I've fallen prey to the "Get Ripped" ad occurances. Now I bemoan the fact I am not entirely ripped like those disembowled torsoes which appear in the ads although I do some lifting of weights. I don't have an example but you know what I am talking about. Too bad they didn't put in a little Obama magic such as-"Obama wants men to get ripped using this one simple rule." Now I am wondering if acai berries were a political conspiracy.

A new one made an appearance recently. Wrinkly old man who seems a bit surprised (or fearful.) But look at that mouth- practically a straight line. As straight as the border between Minnesota and Iowa. I suspect that this is some ad agent's relative  from New England as the resemblance is akin to Ted Kennedy and he seems reluctant to be providing his mug.

Another disturbing advert that has been appearing for some time is the one of a man sleeping with what looks like a partial Hanibal Lector mask. The guy looks more dead that sleeping. My guess this was some frat party joke done to a passed out guest. Of course the answer to the question that is posed is that the you may choke on your own vomit. Drunks can do diabolical things when disturbed by snoring.

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