What sucks: Ugly online ads

From General Photos

From General Photos
Now another infrequent entry into the the What Sucks series. This time I take a jab at ugly onlone adverts. And are they ugly!
If you are an active Internet user, and who isn't these days, you've probably seen these guys. Those ugly mugs have been hawking services online for sometime. I am not entirely sure who they are or why those faces appear in the adverts. Neither suggests a connection to the service.
A bearded guy with the annoucement "Moms Urged to go Back to School." Duh, that's a guy in the picture folks! This happens to be one of the latest interactions of the "Obama Wants Moms..." line of ads. I didn't like those ads either. It sounded like Obama was dictating an order to American mothers.
Any clue who the bearded guy is? Charles Manson impersonator? Mike Meyers as the Love Doctor? Steve Carroll from Evan Almighty? 
The one below is equally disturbing. It comes from the LowerMyBills pedigree, which historically has been a leader in annoying and ugly ads promoting means to get out of plastic debt or obtain lower mortgages. Those dancing people or whatever is dancing are of their marketing minion. An old blog details the adverts from that recent past.
The guy in this ad isn't really ugly, he just is making himself look like a big dork with the safety glasses and dentures. To the average viewer he would appear to be dimwitted and start most sentences with "Duh." I have searched all over but have found zero comments concerning this dentured guy. He has sort of a scary feel too.
Apparently this type of disconnected marketing works because it is rampant on the Net.


Anonymous said…
LOL! I couldn't have said it better myself! LowerMyBills.com also was using this guy that looked like a cross between a caveman and someone on 'America's Most Wanted' with a monobrow! And now they're using a really scary looking elderly man... Where do they GET these people from? Are these ads suppose to entice us into visiting their website?! The only thing these ads are good for is comic relief :-)

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