Plaudits for Richard Dunne

Still covering football today.
I found a blog post on a topic I was planning to write about- Ireland international Richard Dunne of Aston Villa. Not to be confused with Blackburn Rovers midfielder David Dunn although both men are having a decent campaign in the English Premier League this season. (As a side note Aston Villa and Blackburn were the first 2 Premier League shirts I bought years ago.)
Anyways, praise to Richard Dunne.
Man City decided to scrap their captain and fan favorite at the beginning of the season despite Dunne not wanting to leave. But the new owners must not have rated Dunne being a top defender and sold him on to Aston Villa to make way for a bunch of big money defenders. The City defense has suffered. Sorry, Micah Richards, but your form at the back has been bad.
Meanwhile, over at Villa, Dunne has proved his mettle by becoming one of the league's top defenders helping Villa crack into the top three. I think I wrote the other day that Villa have defeated Chelsea, ManU, and Liverpool. (They did lose to Liverpool over the Christmas break.) Along the way Dunne has scored thrice, almost half his total from 9 seasons with Man City. He also seems to have stepped up into the guise Roy Keane had as an Irish international. Although Dunne isn't as scrappy or opinionated as Keano, Dunne may have the courage to get Ireland back into the international fray.
Of course the whole Republic of Ireland world cup playoff story has been worn out. They played well in France and it's a shame the goal to defeat them was a hand ball. Unfortunately, chances were missed and I kind of agree with Roy Keane but without an ax to grind. But over the course of the whole qualification, France were pitiful. World Cup will be talked about later on here.
So anyways, fair play to you Richard Dunne!


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