More of the oddball online ads

Last time I discussed or ranted or raved about Ugly Online adverts. I found a few more that are well, kind of strange. They don't rank up there as ugly but the are the type which makes you go- "What in the world!"

The walking women ad is its own genre I believe. I've seen other animated ad like it. And what are they hawking by walking- some kind of insurance. Not sure whether how fully dressed strolling women are any enticement to click. Plus they are not particularly good looking - just kind of just above average. Maybe they have great personalities. Oh, and this ad  also falls in the Obamavertment genre too. It uses an Obama endorsement to entice the viewer. Bush could never do so well. His name doesn't suggest cool jazz.

Next, we look at another odd picture shilling unrelated services-Smilling dog and home refinancing. This one is made to appear like a video clip with the dog smiling every few seconds. Also, this is another Obamavertment. The strategy of  the Obamavertment must be to drop Obama's name in hopea of catching the fan or perhaps the boo-boy.
Hopefully, more of these ridiculous ads keep coming.


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