Dastardly disguises - finale

Now we come to the finale of our show and we pull all the stops on this final scene but we meet some interesting guests in this scene

Finale- Gathering of the disguises- Clown man, Blindlike man with beads, Mr. Monopoly, Ron Burgundy, Poodle Skirter, Scary Hair (partially blocked), and Waldo. Why would this motley crew of peeps come together?

For the money! They are attending a costume contest and believe there will be a large cash reward for the victorious one. However, being the devious individuals that they are, they come together in order to swipe the prize money.

Unfortunately, Mr. Monopoly is named the winner and so decides to keep the prize for himself. Ron Burgundy will have none of this injustice amongst costumed crooks. So just as the prize is awarded, mayhem ensues and Mr. Monopoly runs away with the prize. Now the chase begins. Scary Hair lays the smack down on Mr. Monopoly but Waldo slips by unnoticed, swiping the prize. Using his unusual talent of hiding, Waldo cannot be found.
Fortunately, Jedis have been dispatched to foil the crime- a master and his apprentice. But which one is which? The Jedis using their special talents discover Waldo's hiding place and chase him into the ventilation shaft. The other disguised ones scramble to help but are no match for the Jedi. Even ol' Gil T. Robot is slain at the hands of the Jedi.
The prize is reliquished by the defeated Waldo and is then awarded to someone dressed like a lady bug.
The Jedi are rewarded with various sugar-free, organic, free-trade, treats.
(Many long time readers may recognize a former blog contributor, James, in the above photo. James' most famous contribution to the blog involved researching the buttload. He is not currently attending the Jedi Academy but is an "aide" to Yoda.)


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