By George: Is a George Burns resurgance coming?

I had a friend in high school who seemed to be a fan of George Burns. My friend's desire was to see George Burns perform on his 10oth birthday (not my friend but George) in Las Vegas. In those olden times, George was still alive and kicking. Just as he was about to celebrate his 100 years, his demise began. Well it actually it happened a few years before after a fall in the bathtub. The performances were cancelled. My friend never spoke of George again. But then again, I did not see him until my class reunion a number of years later. He may have spoken about George but who knows?

Well, Pixar put out the movie UP! this summer which features a character that seemingly looks a little like George Burns. It may just be that all old men look alike. Nevertheless, Carl Fredricksen is an older gentleman. Another old man gives him his voice, the venerable Edward Asner. I find it odd that he has a few Star Wars credits. None of the movies but he plays Jabba the Hut in the radio version of Return of the Jedi (John Lithgow plays Yoda, figuire that out.)
They have never appeared together in a film or TV show but both are Jewish.
So check out the images, see what you think.
Anyways, I am hoping for a George Burns resurgence. Like remastered versions of Oh God and Burns and Allen. But perhaps my plea is falling on deaf ears. I should probably petition the postal service to put on a stamp with the likeness of George on it. That may spurr interest. Actually my wish has come true.
P.S. My Star Wars remake video will be coming out soon. It's only 15 seconds.


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