All Saints Evening in Diguise

Late Hallows' Eve, I took for the downtown in search of disguises after donning myself in yet another costume. This time I went old timey: suit, bow tie, mustache, and bowler. Downtown I had a few people think I was Charlie Chaplin (wrong type of mustache) or Harry Houdini (never had a mustache). I thought I looked more like a Pinkerton Agent although I can find no photo evidence to prove it. Behind me you can see Brad Childress taking a break for love. Lots of sports oriented costumes. I think I saw England soccer stud Wayne Rooney, basketball players, Brett Favre. Zombies were pretty common too. As has been the trend the last few years, women are wearing less. I am surprised they are even out because of the cold. Some men too were also seen wearing less. Not any elaborate costumes from what I saw. I did see one abandoned costume- Chinese Take -Out. If you can't handle the bulk don't put it on. Easier said than done.

I saw an odd electronic like piece of something that looked akin to a bomb in the gutter. A lady aiming for the gutter almost hit me with vomit.
Saw numerous women having difficulty in high heels.
Zach Morris (of Saved by the Bell fame) was in town but didn't give me a high five.
However, Drew Carey was and gave me a slightly off low five.

A troupe of Emmett Kellys passed me and Mr & Mrs Incredible were trying to keep warm a few meters form me.

Finally a nearly full moon beamed down upon the city. And that's it from Halloween for 2009. No treats or tricks.


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