Sven Goran Eriksson sighting

Of all the places you would expect to see Sven, Fargo is the least likely. However the former England, Manchester City, Mexico, Lazio, Benfica boss made an appearance at the downtown movie house during the 48 Hour Film Project. I am not sure why, but maybe it was the best way to avoid being hounded over his sad departure from the Mexico job a few months ago. Sven is the fellow on the right hand side in the yellow jacket. I have included another images for comparison. Sven has quite a reputation- some good and some bad. He did all right with the England squad and managed to get the Manchester City side to win both matches with rival Manchester United but he has never ascended to the success he had in Italy, Portugal, and Sweden. Today is jobless but perhaps heard of the good job forecast in the Dakotas and decided to pay a visit.
Actually it may be a good move if he joins up with a MLS side to avoid the squabbles of the press. Perhaps these backwaters would do him good.

On another note of seeing famous soccer managers, my roommate saw Egil Olsen while vacationing in Norway. Egil once managed the Iraqi team in addition to a succesful stint as Noway manager (a position he holds right now on an intrim basis).


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