I was downright ashamed of my team tonight. And we actually technically played very well. Unfortunately in the heat of battle some got bent out of shape and fair play slipped.
We started the match without an official which got things a bit heated by half. We were actually playing a fairly free flowing game without one. I think we may even have been leading at one time.
Second half begins and we obtain an official because the 1st half ended with some complaints. Then somewhere into the half the dissent begins to fly from my team (i.e. complaining and arguing calls.) Not really a good idea since the official was FIFA registered (a rarity in these parts) and FIFA had been proactive in the last few years in clamping down on dissent from the professional leagues down to the rec league. One of my teammates was ejected from the game and the field after using a slide tackle (not allowed in this league.)
I didn't even stepped foot on the pitch in the 2nd half. It was a nuclear meltdown and I did not want to be part.
They probably had valid grievances. I saw the game it did get a little physical at points.
However LAW 5 states-the referee's decision on the field is final and should not be disputed. Also some points of law 12 came into play.
We could have just overlooked the matter. Cooled off and not allow the team to look selfish and unfair. I've taken my hits in this sport but that's the risk and the challenge. Skill should speak more loudly on the field than our attitudes.


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