Art of the Bargain 5

This week's bargain's cost absolutely nothing thanks to clean up week here in town. All of these items were found on the side of the road awaiting to be lugged away to a dump until I snatched them up.
Here's what is pictured- a green Samonsite shoulder bag that could be used as a carry on but had been put into service as a gig bag. I used it last weekend for the surprise Cornerstone appearance. 2 16mm Disney Films (Bear Trouble and The Tortoise and the Hare.) These are rare these days. I could have taken a 16mm projector but passed it up. My father has a projector that can show these. The board game Risk. This is the mid 70s version of the world domination game(aka cold war checkers.) It seems to have all the pieces and is in good condition.
Other stuff I found but not featured here: flower pots, a push shovel.


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