17 June 2009

The foibles of leading worship

One of my other jobs I lead the music at a local church. Perhaps you know which one, but that is irrelevant. Well a multitude of things could go wrong on a Sunday morning. Things that went wrong for me include- broken projector, dead sound system, broken strings, children bum rushing the stage, and one concerning a song which I need to explain.
I decided to do a particular song. It was about a cross. I pulled the music for the musicians. Come time to perform it I soon discover the group does not have the same music as I do. I wade through it aimlessly with sporadic mismatching accompaniment. Fortunately, attendance was small enough and I didn't get the boot. In fact I am surprised no one even realized but myself and the other musicians.
The following are some worship leader nightmares.
I entitle the first one "Open the Door, Worship is Falling."

I've had a few people suspect that the above was staged. The following was not staged. What do you think? It gives reason to have the drummer far, far, away.

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