23 June 2009

The car show post of 2009

Once again made an appearance at Back to the Fifties at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. This behemoth of a show just keeps going. Over 11,000 cars from '63 and before cram into the grounds. Many are hot rods but still more are classics such as the one my family owns, The Green Hornet, a 1951 Pontiac Chieftain. The Pontiacs are quite a rare breed at this show. Mercurys are too as are Rolls Royces. Chevys and Fords dominate. In particular the Chevy Bell Air. Its literally on every block. That should be my movie for next year. Do a sampling of a block of cars and determine what percentage are Chevy Bell Airs.
It was a full weekend. On Sunday we finally got to Sonic in St. Paul. It wasn't quite what we expected in a drive in. I guess we were spoiled to have been in on the tail end of A&Ws twilight growing up. The menu seemed sparce. There were no tray holder things. But the food was good. No complaints here.
A&W still exists but not in the Drive In fashion. No I take that back. There are a few- on on the North End of St. Paul on Rice Street and Iron River, WI. The one in north Fargo was tranformed into a bank. It was sorry state of affairs up there when the root beer stopped flowing. With McDonalds next door and Taco Bell a block away- what was the Great Root Bear supposed to do. Sell out I guess. We still got an A&W on the south side. Not as big but fresh root beer.

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