Home for Christmas

I find myself in St. Cloud this morning. I decided not to take a long jaunt home after I got an extremely late start (8:45 PM). I stayed at a Travelodge in St. Cloud. It was small but quaint. It had a flat panel TV and wireless internet plus a little breakfast. Overall, it was a good stay and Priceline certainly helped me get a bargain. William Shatner you are the best!

As a special Christmas treat I've got a link to a Jack Benny Christmas radio show which you can download or listen to online. The Jack Benny programs are gems of the Golden Age of Radio and the Christmas programs are especially memorable. For a number of years they kept doing a Christmas shopping routine where Jack (who has a reputation for being cheap and miserly) would buy a gift for his annoucer Phil only to constantly need to change something about it thereby driving the clerk mad.


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