And I am on top of Twitter

You can now find that I am on Twitter. Currently you can see the entries in the sidebar. Twitter is probably best described as a micro-blog. I am not sure how much I will use it but I got on board mostly because Segue decided to get on to keep in contact during his jaunt across the pond to Soton. Another fellow I read, Lileks, also does Twitter although his appears a bit more cryptic. So don't think I did because of a trend or something. It is a bit like that message on IM or Facebook. Twitter just doesn't have all the baggage (at least none of which I am aware.)
Twitter seems to be made for the Text Messaging (TM) crowd, which I have not quite entered yet. I am thinking about it but why does Europe get all the perks and in the US TM costs extra? I am convinced that it is because all ages of people text in Europe and Stateside it is mostly youthly folks. The only caveat is that odd category- Blackberry users. They're like the prehistoric texters. They probably have a dialect distinguishable from typical TM from cell phone users.


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