Par Ki 93 Class Reunification

It came as sort of a surprise that my class would be gathering to comiserate 15 years after graduation. I put it off originally- I don't like driving to the TCs from Go. Well, I thought it over and paid the fee and planned to attend. The following is a commentary of the event.
It was held at the Grove's other golf course, Mississippi Dunes. The previous reunion was held at River Oaks. The Dunes is far superior with its riparian vistas and deck. It would seems an excursion boat could stop by with clientele. However, I saw no dockage.

Nevertheless, I arrived fashionably late at around 7:30 PM. Maybe around 25 classmates were already in attendance. I saw Tom W. (works for SuperMoms), Jeff R. and then Desi (totally shave head but looking slick) and then I saw Phil M (didn't talk to but he looked tough) and then Mark E (the red hair was shaved) and Joe Fabeck (very jocular.) Sarah , Carolee, Amy Not too many I was very close to but I knew about them so I could strike up a conversation. Out of the woodwork JG and Hard Cor appeared and Charlie Lentz looked like Tim Hoffman. Even a fellow from my Oatmeal days, PJ, was there. He espoused formerly Amy D. Most classmates were congregating near the bar where Coors flowed out complimentary. It actually tasted good.

My comrades made their entrances in the moments following mine- the Kevins and Alan but come to think of it not many of my comrades were there. A lot of those who I had AP classes were noticably missing. Then again, they probably went on to bigger and better things or moved to Europe. Still, fifteen is an unusual number to celebrate. I remember foregoing my 15th birthday because 16 was so much sweeter.

As happened at the previous reunion, talking overtook everything else except maybe drinking intoxicating beverages. I had one encounter with an intoxicated classmate. I knew her only a wee bit. But she felt like she knew me- it seemed like everyone there seemed to know me despite me not knowing him or her much. I guess carrying a briefcase in school can make people form relationships with you vicariously.

Unlike the last get together, a live band played R.E.M., Simon and Garfunkel, and think Indigo Girls. It was an all female band. I even think I heard harmonica. Kevin Myers really enjoyed them. They provided a good backdrop for the conversations being made. However, the main room got really loud after a while and I went out on the deck and spoke with some classmates I had not spoken to much when in high school. I had an half hour chat about data centers and how they need massive amounts of energy in order to increase capacity. It was rather businesslike.

Quite a few of my classmates tied the knot or pro-created in the past 5 years. I heard of a bevy of divorces, too. One fellow I chatted with had been married three times. I spoke with plenty of spouses including those attached to Alan, both Kevins, and Jeff R.

Amy and Corey D. arrived very fashionably late. They were hitched just after the 10 year reunion. Corey however is not of our class. I guess he is kind of adopted. He was in physics with many of my AP colleagues and claims we helped him pass the class. He was usually my lab partner with Andres or Bradford (other underclassmen.) Anyways it gave me great pleasure to see them again.

The food was all right and once again there were plenty of leftovers because most of us were jabbering and imbibing. Spicy stuffed mushrooms were unique.

As referred to above, I spent most of the evening talking or dare say I, repeating myself. I don't know how many times I told people I make maps, I live in Go, and ride my bike nearly everywhere. But where do you begin with somebody you have not seen in years. I almost went up to Sarah formerly Burns and challenged her to a foot race. Never happened. And as the night dwindled I did not get to speak with everyone. Probably 100 - 125 were in attendance out of a class around 280. Most, I discovered still lived in the Grove.

The only teacher to make an appearance was Mr. Detviler. He came near the end of the evening and shook a few hands and received a few hugs. He appeared more trim than my previous sitings of him. At midnight the bar closed and most of us lingered, then slowly made out way out to the parking lot. I happened to be the one from the furthest distance away this year. But that didn't dismay me. Overall this reunion was worth coming to. I felt remembered and encouraged despite my own thoughts about those things. Hopefully I will post some picts of the night or perhaps some blasts from the past.


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