Labor Day and the unintentional hiatus

Finally! I can catch some rest and some fish.
Some great catches

Labor Day cometh and I can rest from my corporate labors. It has been an extremely busy time for me at the multi-national company for which I work. Fortunately I was able to add 3 more support staff this summer to help when the going gets tough.
It has been nearly 2 and a half months since the last post so and I guess it looked like an unexpected hiatus. Well, it was expected  but definitely unintentional.
Let me count all the adventures I've had since we wrapped up the Fargo Marathon.
I planted a vegetable garden and volunteered at the Growing Together Community Garden. A separate post is forthcoming about gardening.
I returned to the Back to 50s Car Show in St. Paul after missing last year due to the wedding bumper crop.
June just flew by at lightning speed.
In July I had a considerable amount of stuff. On Independence Day I visited Bonanzaville with my MFS and the Boe, a new character in the Royce Files sphere. We were well roasted after the visit. I'll probably put up a post on Bonanzaville later- they had a lot of old stuff but no Michael Landon memorabilia.
Then mid-July we vacationed up at Breezy Point again and did a myriad of things. But, I discovered a fantastic little model railroad museum in Cross Lake. There will be a future post on the museum- although I do not recall if I have photos.
A few days after our return from vacation, I assist in the construction of the 2 day shed with my mostly Finnish relatives. That was exhausting.
The following weekend I attended my 20th class reunion in the Twin Cities. I caught up with my somewhat famous classmates. The next day my MFS and I visited the MN Zoo thanks to a suggestion from one of my classmates who works for them. I must say the Russian Grizzly Coast exhibit is fantastic. I love it. The following day we biked around Hastings a bit and then watched part of a bocce ball tournament before heading out for a family BBQ.
A few days later the Man with 3 Names joins up with me and we do a canoe trip to Voyaguers National Park. We'll explore that trip in later posts.
Monroe Crossing plays on a perfect night in Fergus Falls

A week later my MFS and I took in a  Monroe Crossing concert in Fergus on a most perfect night. It was not too hot and had a little breeze. We ate some fantastic pastries too.
The next day we traverse to a town called Nimrod canoe down part of the Crow Wing River. We actually canoe from Shell City but we meet up with a guy named Bill who would drop our vehicle off where we finish. The heat was close to unbearable but the water was absolutely crystal clear. The wind did play a few tricks on us but we weathered it.
Then a few days ago my MFS and I trekked over to Rollag with the Boe and took in the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion. It was massive and once again very, very hot. There will be a future post about Rollag.
On the railroad beat, there should be some posts on Bandana Square, various train stations, the return of the Lionel 212 Super Chief, and new rolling stock.
Finally I'll leave you with a Pintrest/Tumbler worthy photo from an old school house at the Dalton Steam Threshers Reunion to remind us that in the States school has started. I particularly like the "Be a good loser" sign. It seems as if the young man must bow to some new royalty after he lost his birth right to the throne in a high stakes net ball match. Looks like she also is taking the FA cup.
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