Waiting for it to heat up - Fargo Marathon 2013

Race week is here. There is less flood than expected. But it is overcast.
Our late spring only peaks out once in a while.
Although it warmer now the temperatures will drop later this week into the weekend. But that is nothing to be concerned with the lows will be well above freezing. My only concern is potential showers on Saturday that could dampen things up a bit obviously.Still expect a cool start.
Only races still available to sign up for is the Friday Night 5K and the kids runs on Thursday.
You can sign up online for the 5K until Tuesday May 14th otherwise you can sign up in person at the Fargo Dome. The race currently has about 7000 entrants. Goal is 10000.
Fargo loves Boston is an underlying theme this year in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing in April. Memorial bands are being sold and proceeds donated to One Fund Boston, a fund set up to help victims of the Boston bombings.
Media coverage should ramp up by mid-week. Most the news in the last few weeks has been about how the potential flood changed the race course and how many entrants there will be.

So who is running?
My mostly Finnish Spouse will take on the 5K on Friday.
My co-worker Trevor will attempt to do some of the half even though he has trained little since the fall because of an injury.
Another co-worker Chris, will be running the Marthon relay on a Beyond Running team.
My manager will be running the marathon.
Lauren, a NDSU Zoology major is running the half for charity- Born Free USA- to raise funds and awareness to help African lions. No word if she will run with a lion, But I bet she may wear something resembling a lions.
The blogger Glitter Girl will be running the marathon and it appears that she over came a back surgey a while ago and got into running and has not stopped yet.
A Brazilian lady, Sonia Gomes, will be running the marathon.
A friend, Tammy, will be running the 10k.
Dianne Bolton, who ran Boston this year will be running the marathon.
And a load of charity running teams.


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