A marathon of maniacs - Fargo Marathon 2013

Let me preface this just so you don't start thinking that running a marathon in Fargo is a hazard to your life. I will first say that marathon maniacs are generally decent people and non-violent. They like the challenge of zealously running marathons. It is a club of sorts with different levels of which you can attain through running lots and lots of marathons.
Well there were plenty of them in Fargo this weekend. And investigating further I discovered that it was perhaps these runners who started their race early. Becoming a particular level of maniac has a time component in which you need to run so many marathons. So instead of perhaps bonking out in the humidity- they started earlier.
Here is a blog post about the marathon from one nicknamed T-Rex.

2010 Chris Myers ponders his  upcoming Marathons 
During my prep work for writing the post about the Fargo Marathon I check the registrants list to find people I know. I missed a few this year. I saw co-worker Kurt Fraser in the race- I think I even saw him at packet pick up. Then there was Jake who I mentioned a few posts ago. He appeared in the photo I had no clue he'd be running- but then again he does run a bit.
But then there is Chris Myers. He's been running Fargo for a few years. I checked his name in the registration DB and it does not show up. Then I saw on Facebook that he had just run Lake Wobegon Marathon ( and if I did a little more looking I could see he ran the Eau Claire Marathon on May 5th.)
I sent him a message and said we'd miss him in Fargo. To which he replied- He was running Fargo.
Huh? His name was not in the DB.
I saw him run by and just assumed I must have missed something.
Now the rest of the story or at least the middle part.
During Chris' trek up to Fargo he realized that he did not even register for the race and of course the race registration was closed. That sucks. Big time sucks, especially for a marathon maniac.
But he posted his embarassment on Facebook.
I can only postulate what might have transpired after that relevation. But somehow through the work of a benevolent fellow maniac Chris gets into the race.

Chris responded "Thank god for modern technology and the kindness of the running community! Big sigh of relief!"

Myers had a little spill at around mile 21 that skinned up his knee and hands. But he weathered onward after medical care and completed his 4th marathon in 21 days. Now that's a real marathon maniac!


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