And the race goes on- Fargo Marathon 2013

Still dragging out this marathon. Probably because I did not get many pictures or find a theme.
No I did find a theme and I will get to those later.

Now onto to business.
After the elites then came the herds.
These are the halfies.
the masses
Apparently the man must be mistaken about this race- this is no beer run.
However, I am wrong. There was a beer garden at the finish line. Bizarre but I suppose it makes you forget all those pavement pounding miles.

Jake and the Red Beard
Looking through my pictures I then realize I had gotten a photo of a top beard a co-worker too- Jake.

Jake identified

What about the masses from the marathon?

MFS's co-worker in pink and sunglasses
My Mostly Finnish Spouse spotted a co-worker running the marathon incognito.
People ran by and by. Even Chris Myers ran by. Now he is turning into a real Marathon Maniac.
And apparently 2 members of the Emmy winning web series Intramural Glory, Mike McCue and Paul Unglaub ran by. But I must not have been paying attention. And I don't think Paul was in the series. At least on camera. I was. In fact if the guys were paying attention along the course they would have noted the Black Building on Broadway in downtown Fargo played a role in the webisode I created as an extra for the series.
I surmise they ran the marathon to get in shape for another run at Intramural Glory. Perhaps they were looking for something more fulfilling that they had more control over. In team sports  one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. That kind of happened with the team in Intramural Glory. Really Cougar should have been running this race- to show the public he is back from his injury. Maybe that could be a kickstarter campaign- Help Cougar run Fargo.
Sad I did not get to see them. I would be great to know what life is like after Intramural Glory.
The both finished in around 4 hours 40 minutes and some change.
Oh one more thing-
there was a hot band at the end of the block.
Reggae Band


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