The race is just the beginning- Fargo Marathon 2013

I am exhausted. I think ran the marathon. However, I did not. I spectated.
However, after spectacting in the early hours of morning I mowed the lawn then tilled the garden.
And all this is after spending most of Friday up at the Fargo Dome volunteering and watching my MFS run the 5K.
Rain may have put a damper on the 1st part of the race but the sun pulled out a major comeback by mid-morning. Yeah SUN!
I am much surprised and impressed that Chris Erichsen pulled out a victory in the men's marathon. Both times I saw him he was trailing in 2nd place.
Nichole Porath took the women's title. She had a commanding lead both a mile 4 and later around 18. I also got to check her in at the elite runner check in.
And Fargo's finest Eric Loeffler won the half. He continues to stand astride the top runners in the region.
But let's begin with my extended coverage of the races- beyond the races and to the intrigue.
This post will cover the "celebrities" at the 5K.

Big hair- doesn't play sports
 For charity someone may do anything. Plenty of charity runners this year. It is almost cliche that if you are running you must be doing it for some cause or charity. Anyways, this guy got a pompedor for the race. He is almost Elvis-like but not. And I would like to make a plea - "Elvis we need you to run Fargo, again!" Not a single Elvis this year in any race- although I am not sure of the 10K.

The dark side reigneth at the 5K. Although I see the Princess is keeping her father in check. I have not seen Star Wars characters before but say- Keep it coming. How about Chewbacca next year with a Storm Trooper.

Hey wait- is that Chewy or Swamp Thing. Whatever this was it sure got the attention of that runner on the right

What I have to say to this guy is- "Good, Jarb!" If the wind picked up I am sure he would have floated away over the Fargo Dome.
More pics at Twitter- @suspect_bill


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