Nowhere Band remembered

Guitarist Johnny McK. Former member of many nowhere bands.
 A college mate of mine- Keith Pille- illustrated and wrote the Internet comic Nowhere Band up until it ended in Spring 2011. A one shot strip appeared one year ago today documenting the an incident that happened 5 years after the Awesome Boys sputtered out when Josh decided to leave the group to pursue writing.
I followed the web comic a little. It had the working of a decent sit-com that would revolved around the indy and garage band scene. Probably would still work- so somebody call Dan Harmon.
As legend has it- Keith and I were in a few bands together in college. Or at least that is what my memory is telling me.
The first- Mr. Willie. Keith was on bass, I was on rhythm guitar, Dale on drums, a guy named Dan was lead guitar, and the indomitable played viola and threw peeps. The band did a few Velvet Underground covers and a few originals for their 1 and only performance at battle of the bands. I think was using Keith's cheap Squier telecaster. The name of band was a nod to a local grocer.
The second- Studly Party Tonight. Keith was again on bass and I on rhythm guitar. Pat J was our lead guitar and I totally forget who played drums because Dale was unavailable. Keith came up with the name based on an incident in his hometown of Blair, Nebraska. I forget the details but it had to do with a party and some guy spray painting "studly party tonight" on the outside of the building where the party was to be held. This band came together with 1 rehearsal. We covered the Velvets a little and did a few originals. We formed for 1 day to play the Battle of the Bands.
The following year The Angry Minnesotan formed without the help of Keith on bass. He instead began the early formation of what eventually became Red Hay. You can read about the AMs here.
So here is to all those bands that struggled to make it big but continued to conquer the mole hill in their basements and garages.


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