The longer you wait the less you get- hiatus debunked

Some of you would suspect that the blog is on hiatus. And you would be partially right although in an accidental kind of way. Numerous blog-worthy items have occurred since that last post. But on hiatus I am not. I just moved someplace where I do not have a regular internet connection.
So I digress and will compress the items of note from previous weeks.

Item 1: Return of the bike trip

In August my Mostly Finnish Bride and I took a bicycling adventure which took us through the central part of Minnesota. It was mostly on rail to trail but was a scenic trip that took us through miles of landscape which perhaps inspired Garrison Keillor. You know I have yet to read anything from him that does not take its setting from that idyllic community someplace near St. Cloud or related to his life. It would be interesting if he could right a series of science fiction stories or maybe a treatise on deep sea exploration. I suspect it would either begin or end or somehow cross paths with Lake Wobegon.
We traversed the entirity of the Central Lakes Trail and the Lake Wobegon Trail and then needed to take to the road to get from Holdingford to Sauk Center without retracing our steps. And yes, we did dine at Charlie's Cafe in Freeport.

A Night in Holdingford

Speaking of Holdingford- it was quite the Lake Wobegonesque town. A bit sleepy when we arrived but it awoke promptly at 8 PM for 2 softball games. And did you know it is home of the oldest World War II memorial in the US.

WWII Shrine in Holdingford
 Finding the campground in Holdingford was not a problem. It was just blocks from the trail once you reached downtown. However we re-routed many blocks up a hill and back down in order to get to it because the street leading to it were torn up- really torn up. The promise of showers also faded when I spied the sign on the bath house doors stating it was closed for repairs but we could use the adjacent porta-potties. No thanks- not for showering.
We shrugged off that disappointment and went into town looking for food. What we found was 2 bars, 1 closed bar,  and 1 small convenience store. After walking around a little more we decided to go to Corner Pizza & Antiques on the recommendation of an Holdingford resident. Apparently if we came a month earlier there would have also been a sandwhich shop. It went out of business. So to the pizza place we went.

We were not disappointed.  It was just as advertised- a pizza shop that doubled as an antique store. There were antiques everywhere. Even the booth we sat in was antique We enjoyed a pizza in while listening to old 60s and 70s tunes play on an antique record player console.

Item 2: Moving

Almost a week after the bike trip we closed on a house. Actually we almost closed on a house and then finally closed on a house. The seller had messed up part of the transaction. Eventually we did close once those items were cleared up. Thankfully our realitor caught it before we signed anything.
We moved in few days later with the help of a regiment of seasoned movers. Many of our friends had moved this summer so they were in gear when the time came to get our stuff transported to the new house across town.
I'll miss the downtown locale but our new place has more room.

Item 3: Fair Pilgrimage

looking for something at the fair

Despite having moved just a few days before and not settled in yet, we decided to make a pilgrimage to the Minnesota State Fair. We had a lovely time with my family. It was a perfect day even if I did not get to every exhibit or listen to some live music for a while. We did manage to get to a lot of exhibits from cows to seed art to bees. The seed art this year was particularly politically charged.
Foregoing the price of meals at the fair we decided to head off the grounds for a while and enjoy Famous Dave's BBQ just down the street. 
We returned and enjoyed a fantastic end of the day by strolling through Heritage Square and then catching the last part of the laser show.

Horticulture Building

Foodwise I consumed a few 1919 Root Beers, cheese curds, roasted corn on the cob, chocolate milk, and an apple dumpling in addition to some pancakes for breakfast. I was very impressed with the cheese curd operation in the food building. Despite the line being huge, we got the curds in about 1 minute!

Item 4: Labor Day on the farm

Then Labor Day rolled on in and we spent some time on a real farm. Actually we've been to this farm numerous times- it belongs to my most Finnish father in law. We celebrated a birthday and then headed home to do more unpacking and arranging.

That's all for now. More will come, I just need to find a decent internet signal around here.


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