Short form video or why I love Mister Glasses

I caught the You Tube bug shortly after Google bought them. For me it pretty much replaced television since no service could satisfy my eclectic tastes. Then again I did not watch much television to begin with- I just didn't have the time. Well, the advent of You Tubism increased the viral video- the short incredibly absorbing video which made you want others to see.  

A few years before- and maybe even earlier- Channel101 became the incubator for the new the short form webisode. One might even suggest the 48 hour film fest also gave rise to the sub-10 minute video. However I am not going to dwell on Channel101 and its sibling Channel 102 (although may have been rebranded as Channel101 NY) in New York. Read the backstory on the wiki page. These twins put out a slew of short forms almost once a month- some good and some not so good. As of late I have perferred the New York flavor's offerings although LA did have Yacht Rock, House of Cosbys, and the beginning of the ever famous Chad Vader-Day Shift Manager.

Production of these videos is becoming somewhat of a lucrative business venture as more and more production companies are formed just to make these videos. Heck, Saturday Night Live has been toying with it. Still, anyone with a DV camera and a computer can make a video these days but quality no budget productions are not so easy. You need a decent crew and locations and make sure you've got good sound.

One of my favorite webisodes from Channel 102 New York is Mr. Glasses. This creation follows the life of a bald bespectacled architect who with some colleagues intend to help people through the means of modern architecture. Today, it is lost amongst the myriad of webisodes flooding the Nets. But Mr Glasses was special. The black and white production was steeped in subtle humor affixed to modernism.
But like most internet things, Mr. Glasses just went away after 7 webisodes. His creator, Mitch Magee, found other things to poke with the pointed spear of his humor.
However, Mr. Glasses did sit for a blog interview in 2011.


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